4 Reviews

Megan Himel

14 March 2024

14 March


Awesome attorney who will be there for you always, highly recommend Cherie Diaz!

KC O'Hara

13 November 2022

13 November


My immigrant visa was cancelled and we didn’t know what to do. I almost lost hope that I will be able to get a visa. Then someone referred Atty. Diaz. She immed...
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Karoliuke Mazhiuke

11 November 2022

11 November


A Wonderful family law attorney I have ever worked with. Was very understanding and patient with me. She explained everything to me in terms I could easily unde...
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John Thomas Williams

24 October 2022

24 October


The best attorney I’ve ever known. Smart, kind, hard working, absolutely what everyone is hoping for when going through this hard process. Thanks again :)